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Jemiclad is available in an increasing number of finishes and colours, so there is likely to be an option just right for your job:

Jemiclad Pro – 2.5mm subtle-coloured satin-finished panels, ideal for a wide variety of applications.

Jemiclad Supreme – 2.5mm subtle-coloured gloss-finished panels, practical in a variety of environments

Jemiclad Ablaze – 2.5mm panels that are very similar to the Supreme range, but are available in a range of bold colours

Jemiclad PhotoJemic – 2.5mm panels that let you believe in your ideas to create your image that is hygienic and durable

Jemiclad Earth – 2.5mm panels that create a sanitary environment. A versatile panel that comes in a broad range of colours

Jemiclad FR – Our fire resistant panel that boasts the lowest smoke rating on the market at Class O

Jemiclad Protect & Defend – A new anti-microbial panel that is ideal for use in environments needing the highest level of hygiene

Jemiclad Sureclad – A 2.0mm panel system created for the catering and back-of-house environments. Sureclad is easy to work with and has all the technology of our other ranges, including a Class 0 fire rating. We do not recommend welding Sureclad.

Jemiclad Cocina Clad – The hygienic pvc wall cladding system used by catering professionals across the globe, replacing the outdated FRP systems.

Jemiclad Maximus – Maximum clarity, maximum impact. Rear printed PVC panels that give maximum impact to you image while offering ultimate protection.

Jemiclad Jemipod – The complete IPS solution.

Jemiclad is stocked, supplied and specified throughout the USA, Canada, UK, Ireland and UAE.


Jemiclad Protect and Defend


Jemiclad Multi Family

Decorative, durable and hygienic. Why install tiles when you can have Jemiclad, a grout-free maintenance-free solution…


Jemiclad Jemipod

The complete IPS solution…


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Jemiclad Cocina Clad


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