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Jemiclad an advanced Hygienic Pvc and pvc free wall and ceiling protection for commercial kitchens , pharmaceutical processing , food processing, animal care facilities, operating theatres and other healthcare amenities. we have seen over a million Square meters come and go through our facilities.

Jemiclad is a specially engineered homogenous, non-porous lining for the walls and ceilings of tough commercial and industrial environments.


Jemiclad is the choice for wall cladding in facilities across the world. and as such is stocked in many destinations globally, along with our installation service operatives, so wherever your project is Jemiclad offers extreme protection to walls and ceilings.


No matter the layout of the space, Jemiclad will cover every last millimetre. Jemiclad panels can be heat-formed into internal and external corners giving a smooth seamless appearance. And can be custom cut, notched and shaved to fit around pipes, immobile devices and electrical outlets for again for a seamless finish. We excel in difficult projects so please contact us if you wish to talk in detail.


Jemiclad eliminates the possibility of bacterial growth or pest infestation, via its complete adhesion system to the wall or substrate. All our systems can be cleaned with industrial cleaners and disinfectants. Jemiclad systems are free of biocides and plasticisers.


Jemiclad wall cladding systems feature high impact and notch impact strength, giving one of the most robust hygienic cladding systems available on the market today, with an arsenal of fire certifications, including the ASTM E84 Class A fire rating. With all systems UV-stabilised, 100% recyclable, and free of formaldehyde, asbestos and lead. It has excellent chemical resistance and good abrasion characteristics.

Engineered for Tough Environments

Jemiclad is developed to withstand the external stresses in a wide range of environments. We supply to and install Jemiclad products in:


Jemiclad wall claddings support your infection control procedures because it provides no opportunity for bacterial growth or pest infestation behind the panels. These wall claddings are ideal for highly sterile environments due to the ability to heat weld joints and thermoform corners, and welded to Jemiclad Protect-All PVC flooring using the Jemiclad flash cove kit helps you provide stellar patient care and the ultimate system for infectious control environments.


Elevate your academic spaces with smooth, clean and welcoming wall claddings. Jemiclad can be tailored to the configurations of your classroom. Moreover, its neutral but sophisticated look will blend seamlessly into the design and make the room more conducive to learning.


Jemiclad helps you adhere to the highest standards of hygiene. These wall claddings prohibit infestation and bacterial growth. Moreover, they’re free from biocides, asbestos, PCP, CFCs, lead, plasticisers and other materials that could compromise food preparation. They can also be fitted around outlets, exhaust fans and other cooking devices.


Jemiclad is perfect for pharma clean rooms and production areas, minimising the risk of contamination with its welded joints and heat formed corners, eliminating the requirement for trims. Jemiclad hygienic wall protection both the PVC and PVC Variants can be installed on walls, ceilings and doors, this welded to the Jemiclad Protect-All PVC flooring provides the ultimate in clean room environments.


Make your business premises inviting and professional-looking with Jemiclad. These wall claddings project a trustworthy image to customers and employees and make a positive impact on your brand equity. Moreover, they require less maintenance, keeping overhead costs to a minimum.

Our Range of Wall Claddings

Jemiclad is available in an increasing number of finishes and colours, so there is likely to be an option just right for your job:

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