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Jemiclad Hygienic Cladding

For specifications – Samples – Installation or Trade Only supply CALL +44 1903 722522 NOW!

At last you’ve “got it covered”

Jemiclad offers a complete wall and ceiling covering package that will rapidly address all your needs for hygienic space:

  • Design
  • Cleanliness
  • Durability
  • Ease of Maintenance

Whether you choose pristine white, which is favoured by many commercial kitchens, food prep, wash-up and medical environments, or a colour from our fabulous, ever-growing range, Jemiclad’s reflective gloss finish makes the most of available light and transforms any area.

To add individuality to your design, we can even incorporate images onto our Photojemic and Maximus Ranges. Now is your chance to think outside the normal hygienic box and boost your company’s brand and reputation!

Jemiclad panels and accessories are 100% recyclable.


The Jemiclad Collection
coming soon!


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