Hygienic and Durable Wall Claddings for Schools

The physical elements that make up a learning environment, from the technological devices to the playground in the schoolyard, affects students’ learning process. Even the way walls are constructed and oriented influence the way children absorb and respond to information: scuffed, drab walls aren’t conducive to learning while well-maintained and creatively erected or designed walls achieve better responses.

Jemic Ltd delivers cost-effective school wall cladding solutions that elevate your academic spaces. Our coverings keep your interior walls neat and tidy for many years without the need for much maintenance, as well as create comfortable learning spaces for all kinds of students.

Discover how our wall linings support fruitful education. Reach out to us for enquiries.

Create Comfort in Your School

Classroom and hallway interior designs should promote comfort and encourage learning. The walls — unassuming as they may be — should appear soft, welcoming and clean.

Whatever the configurations of your classrooms, Jemic Ltd can provide an appropriate solution tailored to the layout. Our wall coverings, Jemiclad, are homogenous, smooth and non-porous, which means they incorporate seamlessly into the existing interior design.

  • For a Seamless Design – Jemiclad can be heat-formed around all internal and external corners, so there’s less need to invest in corner guards. These school wall panels also create a seamless look because the joints can be finished with a colour-matched trim or hot air-welded with a colour-matched weld rod. It makes the room look softer and more harmonious.
  • For Rooms of Any Shape – Our solutions are flexible; they can be custom-cut, shaved and notched to fit around pipes, mechanical devices and electrical outlets. You can thermoform Jemiclad to inner and outer corners; you don’t have to use silicone abutments or old-fashioned corner guards.
  • For Improved Sanitation – Jemiclad creates a watertight and airtight lining that acts as a support for infection control. It’s bonded to the wall using the Jemifix All-Over Adhesive, which reduces the possibility of bacterial growth or the proliferation of pests behind the panels.

Install in Time for School

Jemiclad’s installation requirements are simple and easy. You’ll be able to use your learning spaces right away.


  • The adhesive can be cured in as fast as two hours
  • The working weight can be managed by one mechanic
  • The protective film can be easily removed
  • The anti-static solution is easily applied

Maintenance is a breeze. Jemiclad can be cleaned with industrial cleaners and disinfectants. It also boasts a high tolerance to strong chemicals, like formic acid, diesel fuel, transformer oil and nitric acid.

Our school wall coverings boast twice the lifespan of paint, which means you don’t have to worry about scheduling another paint job until several years down the road.

Our Products

Jemiclad Supreme

2.5mm subtle-coloured, gloss-finished panels

Jemiclad Ablaze

2.5mm panels that are available in lively colours


Hygienic cladding with crisp, high-quality images

Jemiclad FR

2.5mm fire-resistant panels that boast the lowest smoke rating (Class 0)

Jemiclad Protect and Defend

2.5mm antimicrobial panels with silver ion technology that kills 99.9% of superbugs

Jemiclad Sureclad

2mm panels with a Class 0 fire rating and Class A on the ASTM E84

Jemiclad Maximus

Durable and hygienic panels with superior chemical resistance


Moisture/load-resistant, modular and hygienic service access panels

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