Hospital Wall Cladding Solutions

When building healthcare facilities, hygiene is a priority. So, although you could have an excellent medical staff that does their part in keeping the surroundings clean, they won’t be enough to meet proper sanitation requirements. You’ll need the very place itself — the ceilings and the walls need — to be unfavourable to the spread of infection. There should be no opportunity for bacteria to grow.

Jemic Ltd develops cost-effective wall claddings for hospitals and medical institutions in the country. Our homogenous, smooth and non-porous wall and ceiling linings are ideal for environments with strict hygiene protocols.

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The Hygienic Choice

Our lining solutions are airtight and watertight, which means they’re ideal for infection control. Moreover, it’s bonded to the substrate by applying the Jemifix All-over Adhesive, which eliminates the possibility of bacterial growth or pest infestation behind the panels. The linings can be easily cleaned with industrial cleaners and disinfectants.

Jemiclad also boasts excellent chemical resistance, as well as good abrasion characteristics. It is UV-stabilised and 100% recyclable.

Flexible Designs

No matter the architectural configuration of your hospital, Jemiclad can deliver. Our hospital wall panels can be moulded around internal and external corners, which means you do not have to use old-fashioned corner guards to fix them in place. To finish the joints, you can choose between a colour-matched, co-extruded trim and hot air-welded rod.

Jemiclad is also an excellent choice for custom cutting, notching and shaving. It easily fits around pipes, electrical outlets and mechanical devices. You can choose to thermoform Jemiclad to inner and outer corners, right down to the size of a pencil radius. Doing so eliminates the need for silicone abutments.

Easy Installation

The curing time for a Jemiclad installation is quick, running for as fast as two hours. Once the adhesive settles, it will be strong enough to stop the panel from expanding or contracting.

One mechanic can manage the linings’ working weight. Jemiclad also enables speed in cutting, adhering, striking on the wall, curing and jointing. Even the protective film is easy to remove. In fact, a typical lining can be installed in a single shift and finished just hours later!

Installing Jemiclad hospital wall coverings won’t disrupt in your daily operations.

Our Products

Jemiclad Pro  –  2.5mm subtle-coloured, satin-finished panels

Jemiclad Supreme  –  2.5mm subtle-coloured, gloss-finished panels

Jemiclad Earth  –  2.5mm panels designed specifically for a sanitary environment

Jemiclad Maximus  –  Rear-printed PVC-free panels with high-quality images

JemiPod  –  A satin, white, modular and sanitary service access panel made of moisture-resistant wood

Jemiclad FR  –  2.5mm fire-resistant panels with the lowest smoke rating on the market (Class 0)

Jemiclad Protect and Defend  –  2.5mm antimicrobial panels that can kill 99.9% of superbugs

Jemiclad Sureclad  –   2mm panels with Class 0 fire rating and Class A on the ASTM E84

Jemiclad Ablaze  –  2.5mm panels that come in bold colours

Photojemic  –  Panels with crisp, vivid, high-quality photographs

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